What is SEVIS?

“SEVIS” is also known as Student and Exchange Visitor Information System program.

Who maintains SEVIS records?

  • Approved F, M and J Visa institutions in the United States are required to keep computerized data on students, exchange visitors, accompanying family members.
  • The computerized records would include information such as current address and status at the institution of the above person(s).
  • Students will pay a SEVIS (I-901) fee at the time of admission.

Who administers the SEVIS program?

For F and M visas, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) administers the SEVIS program.

How would ICE know about the student status and enrollment at the institution?

Under SEVIS, educational institution is required to report to ICE when the Student:

  • Commences a full course of study.
  • Drops below a full course of study.
  • Transfers schools.
  • Extends stay.
  • Is reinstated to status.
  • Engages in employment.
  • Reports or fails to report within 30 days of the institution’s registration deadline. The 30 day requirement is based on “program start date” for new students and “next session start date” for continuing students.