P-1B Visa Member of an Internationally Recognized Entertainment Group

P-1B Classification

  • Temporary visit to the United States to perform as a member of an entertainment group.
  • Entertainment group must be recognized internationally as outstanding in the discipline for a sustained and substantial period of time.
  • Seeks to enter temporarily and solely for purpose of performing in “a competition, event or performance”. This includes short vacations, promotional appearances and incidental stopovers, and can include an entire season, itinerary and contract.
  • Individual entertainers are omitted if performing separate and apart from the group. They must get O-1.

Eligibility Criteria

  • An entertainment group may be as few as 2 persons.
  • If a solo artist or entertainer traditionally performs with backup singers or muscisians, the act can be classified as a group as long as 75% of them have been together for one year or more. If they do not meet the 75% rule then the solo artist must qualify as O-1 and the musicians as O-2.
  • Reputation of group, not the individual achievements of its members or the acclaim of a particular production, is essential
  • Individual entertainers not performing as part of a group are not eligible for this visa classification.

Special Provisions for Certain Entertainment Groups

  • Alien circus performers and essential circus personnel are exempt the one year requirement and the internationally recognized requirement. The alien or aliens must be coming to join a nationally recognized circus.
  • Certain nationally known entertainment groups may have the internationally recognized requirement waived if they can establish they have been recognized nationally as outstanding in its discipline for a sustained amount of time in consideration of special circumstances.