J-2 Visa Dependents of J-1 Exchange Visitors

The J-2 Visa is a non-immigrant visa issued by a consular official at a U.S. embassy or consulate for spouses and dependents (unmarried children under the age of 21) of J-1 exchange visitors who accompany or later join the J-1 holder in the United States.

Am I eligible for a J-2 Visa?

  • Eligibility depends on the specific exchange program being offered to the J-1 non-immigrant by sponsor organizations.
  • Exchange categories of au pair, camp counselor, secondary school student and summer work travel do not permit J-2 Visas.

How do I apply for a J-2 Visa?

  • The application procedure for a J-2 visa is the same as that for a J-1.
  • The organization sponsoring a J-1 must approve the accompaniment of the spouse and/or children who will each be issued their own Form DS-2019.

Can a J-2 visa holder seek employment?

  • In most cases a J-2 can seek employment. To work, a J-2 Visa holder must obtain an Employment Authorization Document (“EAD”) from the Department of Homeland Security.
  • Money earned by a J-2 cannot be used to support the principal J-1 Visa holder.

Can a J-2 visa holder study while in the United States?

Yes, J-2 can also study while in the United States.