How to make sure an H-3 Visa is approved?

To assure an H-3 visa petition approval for a trainee, following should be included in the training program:

  • Describe the type of training and supervision to be given, and the structure of the training program.
  • Proportion of time that will be devoted to productive employment. So productive employment should be minimal because H-3 should be training instead of performing work that could displace US Citizens/Lawful Permanent Residents.
  • Number of hours that will be spent in classroom instruction.
  • Number of hours that will be spent in on –the-job training, both supervised and unsupervised. Unsupervised work, however, should be minimal. Supervised work should be oriented towards training.
  • Describe the career abroad for which the training will prepare the H-3. This should also describe the position and duties. This must prepare H-3 for work that is not available or is new in country where they will work.
  • Reason why such training cannot be obtained in H-3’s home country and why it is necessary for H-3 to be trained in the United States. It is important to show that such a training
  • Must show that the program does not exist in H-3’s home country, and it is unique to the degree that it does exist in the United States, and not readily available in any other country.
    Source of any remuneration received by the H-3.
  • How the employer/organization will benefit by providing the training to the H-3.