About Go2Immigration

Our Vision

We seek to be the “go to” web portal for all U.S. immigration questions, provide the best advice and unparalleled legal services to companies and individuals at a very sensible cost.

About Go2Immigration

We are a team of experienced and talented US immigration attorneys. We only practice US immigration law.

We are passionate about all areas of immigration law, and above all we deeply care about our client cases.

How will Go2Immigration help you?

Go2Immigration provides you with up-to-the-minute information on immigration law and policy, explained in very simple terms, so you have a basic understanding of your immigration questions, before you consult an immigration attorney.

Go2Immigration diligently works with clients and families to make sure they are reunited, and ease the pain felt during separation.

Go2Immigration advises small businesses, universities, entrepreneurs, and healthcare facilities in their work visa and greencard processes. The mission is to successfully meet their immigration needs, so they can hire and retain the best talent.

Go2Immigration helps international businesses establish branch offices in the United States, and assists international investors in obtaining nonimmigrant visas and greencards while they aspire to achieve their entrepreneurial dream in the United States.

Why choose Go2Immigration?

Go2Immigration finds creative solutions to your most difficult of immigration-related problems. Our attorneys help remove the uncertainties and confusion in your case a through thorough assessment, and professionally prepare all your immigration documents for submittal to the appropriate government agency for approval.