What is Lawful Permanent Residence (“LPR”)?

  • Status of being lawfully accorded the privilege to reside permanently in the United States as an immigrant.
  • LPR may also be referred to as an immigrant visa.
  • Every year Congress has authorized to issue 480,000 immigrant visas.

What is a Greencard?

  • Greencard is only a card which is an evidence of being a lawful permanent resident. LPR status, and not Greencard is determinative.
  • Greencard is also known as I-151 or I-551.

Intent to keep United States Permanent Residence

  • LPR or Greencard holder may have multiple residences, but their U.S. residence should be a permanent one.
  • LPRs can lose their status if they are staying outside the country for too long on a frequent basis, even if they visit the U.S. often.
  • LPR status maybe lost if it is abandoned.
  • LPRs can be deported for certain offenses.