Am I eligible to file for an H1B, if I was on L-1A for 7 years in the US ?

I am an Indian Citizen, and I was in US on L-1A for 7 years from 2007 to June 2014. I moved to India end of June 2014. Am I eligible to file H1 for 2015-2016 quota in April 2015? I will be completing 365 days by 1st October 2015. Please advice.

Yes, if you have a US employer (petitioner) who is willing to sponsor your H-1B petition. Provided they file in the H-1B Cap of 2015-2016, and your petition is selected in the H1B lottery and approved , your H-1B will go into effect after October 1, 2015 at which time you will have completed one year of your stay in India. Hence, you would be qualified to work on a fresh H-1B at that time. Your H-1B might be approved for three years, and you will be able to file for an extension for another three years subsequently.